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Aunt P's Puppy Palace

Aunt P's Puppy Palace is located in Richland, Missouri.  I worked 25 years 
for a local telephone company and now I am enjoying raising puppies.   
I strive to raise happy, healthy puppies that are spoiled by my family and 
grandchildren.  We spend much time with our fur babies to ensure they are ready for their new homes.
My puppies will come up to date on vaccinations and dewormings.  
They are all microchipped and I have them vet checked often.    
We are licensed and are inspected by the State of Missouri, the USDA
and by my veterinarian.

I specialize in Pomeranians because they were my first love of puppies,
but I have grown to love the Yorkie breeds and have become very fond of the 
Morkie and Shorkie breeds.  I also  enjoy the Shih Tzu's.  We have now added 
Brussels Griffon's to our program.

A Pomeranian's most notable characteristic is his/her desire for human affection 
and is most happy when he/she is with his people family.  They are happy to become 
a member of your family and will serve as your best companion.  
A Pomeranian exhibits great intelligence and a vivacious spirit.  They have a 
territorial nature and loyalty and will alert you to any unusual disturbance or 
intruders to your household.  They have a strong desire to please, but can be stubborn 
if they want to be.  They are very social among themselves which makes 
it very easy to own more than just one.

Pomeranians are known for their abundant coat, but they are generally very 
easy to maintain by just taking a few minutes to brush out any shedding 
coat a couple times a week.  This will avoid any matting.  Also, keeping their 
nails trimmed is the only other requirement along with infrequent bathing.  

Pomeranians should never be allowed to run loose.  For their size, 
they are amazingly fast and they do not understand the 
danger of cars or other animals.  When they are outside they should 
be in an enclosed area or on a leash.  
Poms enjoy being outside when you are out there with them.  

We are glad you have stopped by to visit our website!  
Emails, texts or phone calls are all welcomed.

Thank you so much!

Jeff & Phyllis Kelley